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Post It T-Shirt & Towel





Now it’s possible to send a compressed T-Shirt or Towel by post!


This consists of a compressed T-Shirt or towel in the shape of a rectangle measuring 10 x 15 cm, that is, the same size as a Post Card.
The thickness of the compressed towel varies from 20 to 30 mm allowing it to fit into any Post Booth! 
So the compressed textile doubles up as a T-shirt / towel and Post Card all in one.


A major benefit is the dramatically reduced cost of sending the product by post. A saving of up to 65%!

Thanks to its reduced size in comparison to a non compressed garment!


The package consists of 2 full colour printed carton inlays.
The front carton inlay is a post card and the reverse a blank space into which the address is filled out.


The carton inlays can be printed on both sides in full colour (4 + 4) so even more information can be included.
Alternatively, it can be placed into a branded box.

There is also a possibility to substitute one of the carton inlays for a mini catalogue or flyer. 

There are different shapes available to include the standard post card shape and also some larger rectangular shapes.


Kingly is a leading European producer with the fastest lead times in the industry from only 2 weeks.

We pride ourselves on supplying quality products on time and at the very best prices.

Other examples




Sim card shape for 70 x 140 or 100 x 150 cm towel




New box packaging for POST IT T-Shirt or towel!