Think outside of the box!


Creative Garment Packaging 

Further enhance the value and appeal of a T-Shirt or towel.
With a little bit of imagination anything is possible!

In this section you will find a collection of awesome examples showcasing brands that have got creative with T-shirt packaging design, making the most of everybody's favourite garment ...


Best of all, creative T-Shirt packaging adds a whole lot of VALUE AND APPEAL.

With the majority of all T-Shirts being packaged into individual poly bags this can mean only one thing: BORING, STALE PROMOTIONS WITH LITTLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT.


We mean it when we say creative T-Shirt packaging is the best way forward to differentiate your brand from the masses.

The whole point is to make a lasting impression on customers. This will certainly do that.

Its what everybody desires… excitement and engagement and you can have it a lot cheaper than what you think!


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