T-Shirt in a tin with stylish ring

pull lid.






This is our new tamper proof can. It’s the same size as a can of baked beans.

The major benefit is the ability to trick someone into believing it’s the real thing when in fact there's a branded T-Shirt inside!

This specific tin as seen above includes a black plastic or white plastic over cap, along with a stylish ring pull lid.

The tins are coated in a food safe lacquer, making it hygienic and ideal for storing dry food items, such as sweets and nuts.

The minimum quantity order is from only 500 units. Our industry leading turn-around times makes us a preferred choice for your promotional tins.


Our tin packaging solutions come in many shapes and sizes to meet your promotional packaging needs. 

Our minimum order quantity for in stock tins starts at 500 units.

For full custom made tins the MOQ usually starts at 5000 tins.


We supply the turnkey solution for your tin packaging needs throughout Europe.




Special Features for custom made Tins

We offer specialty finishes and closures.  Gloss, matte, textured and crystalline varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair. 

Spot varnish can draw attention to selected areas of a logo or design, giving it an up-scale look.  Custom graphics can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.


Incomparable Print Quality and Capacity

Near-photo quality, high-definition printing is made possible with 250 line screen capability.  This is higher than industry standard.  Concentric dot printing delivers vibrant color and clarity, using less ink than standard dot printing.