We supply

"lab dips" for your peace of mind.


How do we process your order?




Once you design is approved we will send you a computer generated layout of your towel design.

Additionally, we will send you a sample lab dip which will represent the actual colours that you will require woven into the towel.

Once the lab dibs are approved, we then dye the yarn according to the colour of the lab dip.


What’s a Lab dip? 

This is a “visual aid” on how a colour will look when it is dyed. We supply a small piece of terry fabric dyed (refer to the above photo as an example) with your requested colour.


If a woven towel sample is produced, (subject to certain conditions*) the sample will vary from the lab dip that is provided. 

This is because we will use in stock colour yarn to weave the towel sample.

The lab dip will represent the true likeness of your desired colour and will be used in the actual production of the towels.   


Note: If you use a Pantone Color Swatch, the printed colours on paper will appear to look different than a texturized fabric. 


Production of the order will only commence once the lab dip is approved. The original colour swatch is no longer used as a point of reference but the lab dip itself.

Once confirmed, the dyeing process of the yarn takes place in accordance to the confirmed lab dip sample.


If a customer is not happy with the lab dip colour then we would be pleased to submit you another.

The lab dip will be reviewed in a light box / spectrometer set at the correct light source of daylight to eliminate any margin of human error and to correctly match your colour.


However, there are circumstances whereby a client will require a physical sample of the woven towel using standard in stock colours and lab dips.

This is possible. For a sample towel to be woven, the volume of the order has to exceed a minimum order quantity. This varies according to the size and weight of the towel.






In this animation we show case an example of a full custom relief woven towel.

The towel in question is a 450 gr/m2, 30 x 50 cm uni colour relief woven towel (embossed design) yarn dyed to Pantone.  It has a woven label and cotton hang loop.


1. Spinning of the yarn, 100% cotton.

2. Yarn dying to Pantone.

3. Designing.

4. Weaving of the terry fabric.

5. Piece dying.

6. Confection and labeling.