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Kingly Germ Kill




Kingly germ kill is 100% green and safe.


All products are BPD (Biocidal Products Directive) complaint and fully supported in terms of technical data and UKAS and other accredited efficacy testing.


It's a patented water based product which cleans, deodorises, and offers a very high level of initial kill against all types of micro-organisms and which, when dry on a surface, continues to give residual kill against micro-organisms (tested to 180 days).

It has shown excellent results in keeping mould and bacteria at bay from textiles when added at point of manufacture. It is applied to the textile or added via the laundry rinse cycle.


The 'active' part of Kingly Germ Kill has been shown to continue working (killing microbes – reducing garment smell) on textiles for at least 50 washes. Cytotoxicity results have shown a zero rating (safe on skin contact).

Flame Retardancy of the fabrics is not affected (tested and proven)


Kingly Stain Resist

A clear liquid which when sprayed onto textiles and dried leaves an invisible breathable layer which does not affect the 'handle' of the textile but resists stains, e.g. red wine.