Oshibori towels

now a reality.






An o-shibori is a wet cotton hand towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants, trade shows and corporate events. 

They are used to clean one's hands before eating or simply to refresh oneself.

Cold oshibori are used in summer, and hot oshibori in winter.

The o-shibori is often rolled or folded and given to the customer on some kind of tray or in a plastic sleeve.


Served Hot or cold

An o-shibori can be moistened with hot water at an appropriate temperature or steam to make a hot o-shibori, or placed damp into a refrigerator to make a cold o-shibori suitable for use in summer. Sometimes in Europe it is more commonly known as Hot Towel. Restaurants usually use an electric appliance such as a heating cabinet or refrigerator for this.


Reusable / disposable o-shibori


There are 2 types:

-Reusable made of pure terry cotton. These can be branded with a logo. The most popular and obvious choice is a white relief woven towel. These are highly recommended for premium corporate events. These are full custom made meaning the towel can be yarn dyed in any colour. The minimum quantity order is from 5.000 units. 


-Disposable made of non woven material. When very large volumes are required and price is the issue then these non woven oshibori towels are the obvious choice. Additionally, Kingly have the ability to offer these oshibori towels flow packed and printed in 1 colour using our low cost packaging concept.


As an alternative Kingly can compress non woven towels in different sizes into a round tablet form.

In this case, water is poured over the tablet and it expands in seconds.

We can launder the towels, roll them into the typical cylindrical shape, and deliver them to you already damp in plastic packages.  

An O-shibori towel dispenser can also be offered for convenience.