We build quality and experience into every order


Optimum quality guaranteed




Considerable care is taken when producing compressed textiles.

Paying special attention to detail, we consistently yield impressive results. 


Our quality control protocol covers the entire process, from when the textile

is printed, compressed and when they are packed.


GARMENTS. All T-shirts, towels and other textiles meet or exceed the strictest 

quality standards.


BRANDING / PRINTING. We guarantee exceptionally pleasing results.


COMPRESSION. Rigid, flat and compressed to perfection. 


CARTON INLAYS. 300 gsm offset printed carton inlays are used ensuring a 

glossy and professional finish.


SHRINK WRAPPING. Quality PE film is used resulting in a glossy finish that

adds value to the finished product.


PACKAGING. Reinforced corrugated boxes are used ensuring that the goods

arrive in pristine condition.

Additionally, each box is bound with PVC strapping eliminating the possibility of any

tampering from ocurring.


QUALITY CONTROL. Production is monitored through an internal auditing process. 




High quality printing to the T-Shirt




Quality compression




Quality carton inlays printed in offset




100% recuperation for the garment and printing




All boxes are carefully strapped