Cheapest in Europe based on the quality of yarn used.


Relief Woven Jacquard Towels. (also commonly known as high-low pile and embossed jacquard)


This option is ideal when a discreet logo is required. There is no limit to the size and positioning of the logo on the towel.

The logo and texts appear as a flat surface where the terry loops are missing.

These towels can be unicolour or multicolour. We use twisted double yarn (two ply terry) to allow for a more exact reproduction of the image.

We can visually sharpen and improve the reproduction of the logo by having the surface of the towel sheared with the result of a velour finish. The reverse side of the towel will retain the standard terry texture loops and remains fully absorbent.


Jacquard woven towels also allow for a combination of different decorative techniques to be incorporated into the same towel. For example, a jacquard woven border / hem and embroidery could be added.


Relief woven towels