Raising the standards in screen printing T Shirts. By KINGLY.

September 29, 2016

After almost 18 years in the industry with a technical screen print manager with over 22 years experience, we have perfected the art of screen printing and garment decoration enabling us to produce top quality prints no matter how difficult the task.




 We offer the following types of screen printing:


–From 1 to 12 spot colour printing on white garments using mostly water based inks resulting in a soft feel.

–Four colour process printing on white garments: For four colour process printing we mostly use plastisol inks. Artwork is created using dots (CMYK) which combine to create the full spectrum of colours needed for photographic prints. This means an infinite number of colours can be printed using only 4 screens, making the set-up costs viable and cost effective.


–Photographic reproduction onto dark garments using a special silk screen separation up to 12 colours using plastisol inks.

–Screen printing with glossy finish: After a garment is printed we apply a special laminate to create a super glossy finish.

–High Build printing: This is the process of printing many layers on top of each other to raise the height of the logo / image.  Special inks are used for this process.

–Discharge printing: Creates an ultra soft print onto dark garments. Discharge printing is a method of printing where a colour destroying agent is screen printed onto the garment which in essence extracts the dyed fabric colour.

–DTG – Direct to garment printing: Is a fairly new type of printing in the garment apparel industry. The printer we use is the KORNIT. It can print 1000′s of colours at a time. We can print just one shirt if you like since there are no screen or setup costs. It can print beautifully complex images.  Direct to garment printing is available for light and dark garments.

-Flocking: Is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface. Flocking of a garment can be performed for the purpose of increasing its value in terms of the tactile sensation, aesthetics,colour and appearance.

–Cracking ink printing: The ink produces a cracked surface after drying. Ideal when having to reproduce a “Vintage” look.

–Glitter / Shimmer printing: Silver flakes are suspended in a plastisol ink to create this sparkle effect. Available in gold or silver. (other colours available upon request)

–Metallic Printing: Similar to glitter, but smaller particles suspended in the ink. Once printed the surface appears to be rough in nature. We suggest laminating the printed surface resulting in a glossy finish.

–Foil aluminium printing – with the look and feel of real foil – ultra glossy. A special adhesive glue is printed onto the fabric and then the foil is applied for a mirror finish.

-Caviar beads printing: An adhesive glue is printed in the shape of the design to which small plastic beads are then applied. Creates an interesting tactile surface.

-Expanding ink printing: Raised print finish. An additive is added to plastisol inks which raises the print off the garment, creating a 3D feel. More commonly known as “puff” printing.

–Phosphorescent printing: Glow in the dark effect available in many colours such as Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, etc.

–Thermochromics printing: Printed colours that change with heat

–Nylobond: A special ink additive for printing onto technical or waterproof fabrics.

–Suede Ink printing:  Suede is a milky coloured additive that is added to plastisol. With suede additive we can make any colour of plastisol have a suede feel. It is actually a puff blowing agent that does not bubble as much as regular puff ink.

–Combination screen print with rhinestone elements / crystals, etc. We can create a “hybrid” printed garment using any print technique combined with Rhinestone elements, crystals etc.


We also manufacture compressed textiles like the photo below. This is a 100% cotton Tshirt, 180 gsm, printed in full colour and compressed into a bottle shape.


All manufacturing is based in our European factory.












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