July 18, 2017

Now is the time to order your beach towels. Production lead times start at around 4 to 5 weeks.


So to avoid disappointment, consider ordering your towels now.


After many years in the business of producing beach towels, 100% cotton jacquard woven beach towels are the best choice.




- They are the most cost effective.

- Highly absorbent.

- They are full custom made, yarn dyed to your Pantone colour. There is a lot of leeway with the design. Plus a personalized woven label is included.

- Jacquard woven towels last a lot longer than printed towels.

In fact, these towels will last for years in comparison to printed towels. Printed towels may be visually more striking but they do not come close to the quality of jacquard woven towels.


Watch the video to see what Kingly has produced in Jacquard woven beach towels: