3 leadership superpowers that can thrive your business

May 18, 2020

And 5 toxic mindsets that will pull you back

Standing out from your competitors, especially in a time of crisis, can be a tricky, time-consuming and fund-draining task. The most important step that you will have to take towards success is stripping yourself from self-inflicted limitations. Unleashing your creativity and stimulating fresh idea generation within your team will help you break the norm and come up with innovative solutions. This will be your revolutionary escape from the status quo. The process will also help you thrive in your business, and even transform the way the entire industry works.


Being flexible is extremely important if you want to survive any business disaster that comes your way. Understanding how important transformation is on an organizational level is key. These are qualities that any business leader needs to possess. However, there are several superpowers that a leader should have in order to make their business grow even in a time of crisis.




Involving your customers in the creation of a product or a service by asking them about their needs and even unarticulated desires, is more important than ever. If you master the art of asking open-ended questions, you will be able to understand the whole story behind their experiences. It is also extremely important not to put words in the mouths of your clients when awkward silence manifests itself, because this might jeopardize your research. It will help you validate your idea, but that might not be what the customer really needs.


Giants like Adidas, Apple, Google, Amazon, Toyota generate a fortune by digging deep into what their clients need rather than launching products only to find that no one has any use of them. What all of them have in common is using a problem-solving called design thinking. It helps them generate ideas, create prototypes and validate their concepts with their clients before entering the market. This minimizes the risk and saves them a lot of money, efforts and time in the long run.




In business, situations are rapidly changing and the requirements of the customers are increasing every minute. You need to be able to quickly process information, determine what matters most and prioritize the tasks that you will have to delegate to your team. Focus your thoughts, channel your energy towards the things that matter most and will give you mid- to long-term success. You could also name other decision-makers, the leaders within the team and make sure all team members know why any transformation is happening. You will have to navigate new priorities with limited time to react. As a leader of leaders, you will have to teach them how to do that. Lead by example.




You cannot become a good sailor if you sail in calm waters. Strong leaders are not afraid to take risks, especially calculated risks based on past decisions and even failures. They can learn from mistakes and make their products and services better than ever. Lead with empathy and empower the people you work with. Let them know that you trust them, that you are optimistic about the future and that you will get out of the situation together. When they feel safe in a turbulent environment, they will take better care of your clients.


Beware of these toxic business mindsets that will pull you back:

  • Assuming that you need to accomplish everything yourself;

  • Expecting others to do what you are unwilling to do;

  • Thinking that you don’t need to take care of your own needs;

  • Having a different set of rules for your team and yourself.

  • Obsessing about details and losing sight of the big picture.


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