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Kingly is a producer of knitted socks known for exceptional quality and quick production lead times.

All materials used in the production of socks use Oekotex certified materials.

We have over 120 knitting machines to include 168 & 200 needle machines for the highest quality graphics reproduction and 128 & 144 needle machines which produce thick thermal socks.

Kingly socks are available in a a comprehensive range of materials and styles to suit all needs..

Socks are packed as a pair with a printed sock tag and individual self-seal compostable bag as standard! SO FREE PRINTED SOCK TAG AND AN INDIVIDUAL SELF SEAL BAG!

There are hundreds of packaging options to include sliding boxes, boxes with lids and retail display units.

The minimum order quantity required to manufacture bespoke socks is from only 150 pairs.




Bespoke knitted socks. CLICK HERE FOR NEW WEB PAGE.




Crew Knitted Socks 20.png
Crew Knitted Socks 21.png





Below you will find the most common sock lengths that we produce.


We can also supply custom sock lengths according to your needs. With Kingly we offer flexibility and choice!


Mid Calf Starbucks Silverton USA
Mid calf socks
Sports crew socks
KS02 Low cut sports
Low cut sports
KS03 Quarter socks
Quarter socks
KS06 Mid Calf socks (1)
Below the knee socks (2)
Falls just below the ankle.
Commonly used in athletic and sports socks.
Falls just above the ankle. Commonly used in athletic socks.
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You are in safe hands from start to finish.



We receive your logo design and create a digital simulation.

If you are unsure about the layout we will create multiple designs. This is a free service.



Request your free samples today.  We only charge the shipping cost of the samples.



Once we receive a purchase order, we will create the knitting program and send photos of the knitted socks by e.mail. This service of sampling is free of charge.

On the other hand, if you request knitted sample socks without a purchase order, then there is a cost of 72 Euros plus shipping.

Promotional socks
Promotional socks

Stock yarn colours 




We have a comprehensive range of in stock colour yarns. Below are some examples.

By providing your Pantone colour codes, we will match them to the closest in stock yarn.

Pantone matched yarn is of course possible but requires a manufacturing time of 4 weeks and a minimum quantity order of 50 kilos per colour.


socks swatch guide

Pantone matched yarns




If you require a Pantone colour we can have the yarn dyed.

This is possible for a minimum order quantity of 2.500 pairs of socks.

It is important to consider that the yarn will take from 4 to 5 weeks to produce. As a result, production lead times are longer compared to using in stock colour yarns.


Sock materials and how to choose the right pair of socks 




Socks are made from a wide variety of materials, such as cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, polypropylene and spandex /Elastane.
For the purpose of producing the softest most comfortable socks, we use 100% combed cotton unlike the cheaper carded cotton socks.



Cotton is the most commonly used sock material and is known for its natural feel.

We use Premium combed cotton, which is more resistant to pilling, softer to the touch and has superior durability. Organic combed cotton is also available upon request.

Cotton is the most affordable fabric and is ideal for casual wear or around town.


On the other hand, sports socks should always have a low cotton content to avoid trapping moisture. 


Cotton socks

Nylon is blended in with other fabrics, often comprising 20% to 50% of the sock’s fabric.

Nylon adds durability and strength, and dries quickly.


This material adds a little bit of stretch and allows the sock to fit properly. Usually only a small percentage (2% to 5%) of the sock’s fabric content is made up of these materials.


We use LYCRA® , DuPont's brand of elastane, or spandex. 

We are adding approximately 5 % of Lycra® to cotton or wool, allowing socks to acquire ultimate stretch.
This assures superior wear, comfort, excellent size and shape after repeated wear and laundering.


Less expensive than Merino wool, acrylic is a versatile fabric. It is comfortable, provides good cushioning and dries reasonably fast. We use acrylic for thicker thermal socks.


This is a cellulose fiber made by spinning reconstituted cellulose.

It’s about 50% more hygroscopic (water-absorbent) per unit volume than cotton.

Socks made from modal & modal mixtures such as Modal-cotton and Modal-PES are resistant to shrinkage & fading and are smooth and soft.

Its supple texture, soft look and brilliant silky sheen make Lenzing Modal particulary attractive for socks and underwear.


This is a mixture of MERINO WOOL and POLYPROPYLENE. These yarns have the function of temperature regulation in the conditions of extreme temperature variation. For example, it has a warming effect in cold weather and prevents overheating in hot weather.


Coolmax® is a polyester fabric which draws perspiration along its fibres away from the skin, used mainly in sportswear. It has proven to reduce skin temperature and maintain hydration while offering excellent moisture management.

Fiber structures provide insulation on colder days.

Benefits: Good moisture management and air permeability.​ Excellent washfast and colorfast performance.


THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation provides warmth and comfort without weight.

Because it is comfortable and lightweight, THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation allows freedom of movement—making it the perfect layer. Its hollow-core fibers trap in air for greater insulation for light, yet heavy-duty performance.

In a coat made with THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation, you will stay warm and dry.

Its larger surface area allows for fast evaporation by sending moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates.

Plus your skin remains dry because it absorbs dampness faster than other similar yarns and 50% faster than cotton.


Tactel® – The durability, colour retention and easy care make it the perfect fiber for socks. Tactel® is a DuPont brand of micro fiber hosiery yarns that delivers the ultimate in softness.


They have the unusual ability to breathe and keep cool.

Bamboo socks can absorb and evaporate human sweat faster.

The bamboo fibers are naturally antibacterial and are praised as “the natural, green and eco-friendly new-type textile material of the 21st century”.

Specialized socks




If you need a unique style of sock with a specific composition, please get into contact with us.

We will make it happen.

We produce socks with additional levels of cushioning, ribbing and support such is the case for specialized running socks, ski socks or medical socks.

These will allow for better comfort and prevent less blisters from developing.

Socks that are super thick might affect the fit of your shoes, whereas socks that are too thin might not be comfortable, and may end up rubbing your feet the wrong way.

So we have the ability to use specific materials to control the thickness of socks.

Socks can also have at least some padding at the points of contact that your feet will have with the ground.  

These points are called impact zones, and can be the most battered parts of your feet.

We can also apply a small amount of cushioning at the back of the foot where you're most likely to develop blisters.

Elastan / spandex can be applied in all the right parts to prevent the socks from sliding in the case for running socks.


New technologies have enabled some socks to come with a nifty extra: odor control.

Merino wool naturally resists odor, so socks made with it whether 100% or as a blend, will have this feature.

Odor control may seem frivolous, but it can actually extend the life of your shoes, lessening the chance that you'll have to throw them out prematurely due to their smell.




Sublimated socks




Sublimated socks are made on demand meaning you can choose any style and height of socks. In addition to this, special cushioning and ribbing can be included.

The minimum order quantity is from 250 pairs.

Sublimation is the process of applying a printed image onto the surface of a blank garment using heat and pressure.  

The sock sublimation blanks are all white with the option to have the toe and heel in any colour.  

We use special yarns that allow the image to transfer only to the white parts of the sock so that the black accents remain black from start to finish. The graphics are sublimation printed on the sock with crisp vibrant colors that won't fade.


Sports socks
Sports socks
Sublimation socks
Sublimated socks

Guidelines and templates for sock design






The most suitable way is to use our templates to show the colours and the positioning of the logo.

Please provide a detailed description of the colours that you will need and the size of the logo.

On the other hand, if you are in doubt, simply send us your design and we will create the artwork layouts for you.


Below you will find the most common types of socks and their respective templates.

There are many other types of sock types so feel free to contact us for your specific socks requirements.


Knitted socks by Kingly


The cuff is located at the top part of the sock. It is elastic or ribbed in nature and as a result, is not recommended to knit a logo or design.



It is not possible to knit designs into the heel or toe.  Only solid colours are allowed. You can choose to have the heel and toe in different colours. 


Although limitations exist, we take your complex design and simplify the knitting program to make your design a reality!​


Knitted socks

Socks size basic chart 




We offer standard sizing from infant through to extra large adult sizes, and of course custom sizing too.

For the purpose of socks for the promotional merchandise sector, it's best to always stick to "One size fits all".
For example, 35-40 for women and 39-45 for men. However, the ultimate decision lies with the customer.

Thanks to the elastane content, a couple of sizes can be catered for in the same pair of socks. 

Sock Packaging




There is so much flexibility and choice when it comes to packaging socks.

If you have a specific requirement please get in touch with us and we will make it a reality for you.


As standard, socks are packaged as a pair to include a branded SOCK TAG and an individual self seal bag! Sock tags fold over the cuff, that is, the top part of the sock and are printed on carton.

The price is the same if the sock tag is printed in 1 or full colour. Pantone matching is possible.

There are many templates for the sock tags.  You have a choice of 8 sock tags although we

can create custom made templates.


Knitted socks
knitted socks
knitted socks

SOCK TAG WITH PLASTIC HOOK.                                                                                           STANDARD SOCK TAG USED FOR ALL ORDERS











Boxes can be produced with 300 gsm cardstock to hold individual or multiple pairs of  socks.

The suggested MOQ is from 500 boxes. A popular option are a pair of socks or multiple pairs inside of a box with display window.

Example of a pair of winter thermal socks placed inside a display window box.










Take it to the next level with 3D box packaging!

Add value and appeal and simply WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS!

Thinking outside of the box means awesome concepts can be created, never previously seen.




Add value to socks and have Kingly compress them.










We have different types of tins with different heights and diameters. 

As we are producers, we guarantee the most competitive prices and the quickest production lead times.

Knitted socks with tag
Knitted Crew socks Google
knited socks with plastic hanger
Free wrap around carton label.jpg
Socks packaging
knitted winter socks
Socks packaging
Socks packaging ideas
Socks packaging
Promotional socks
Socks packaging ideas
Socks packaging ideas
Socks packaging ideas
Socks packaging ideas
Socks packaging
TIN PACKAGING Animated Gif.gif
Pair of socks in a cassette box
Printed in full colour
6 pairs of socks in a box
Socks in full custom made boxes
8 pairs of socks in a box
Awesome socks in tins
Socks in tins
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Gallery of socks packaging ideas!




Sock Gallery




What is the minimum order?
150 pairs of the same design, one size. 


Is a custom sample supplied prior to my order being produced ? Is there a cost involved and how long to produce a sample? 
Yes. Most customers approve a digital simulation /  mock up but we can produce a sample before we produce the order. 

We can send you the photo or the sample by UPS before we start to produce the socks.  

The socks sample will be produced within 1 week.

The cost of the knitted sample is 56 Euros and 22 Euros for the shipment of the sample by UPS, 24 hour delivery.


What are the production lead times?
Your order will be produced in 2– 4 weeks for in stock colour yarns. Please allow for up to 7 working days for transport throughout the European Union and worldwide.  If your order is urgent please let us know and we will aim to produce the order quicker.


How do I choose the colours for my personalized socks?
We supply you with a comprehensive range of in stock colour yarns. We will send you the colour swatch by e.mail.

If you work with Pantone colours we will do our best to match your colour in accordance to in stock yarns. 

I insist on Pantone dyed yarn. Is this possible?
Yes. If you require a special Pantone colour then we have to order it. This will take 4 weeks to have produced. So the production lead times will be a lot longer than using in stock colour yarns.

Is a personalized printed sock tag free of charge? How is the sock packaged?
Yes. Each pair of socks has a personalized printed sock tag. You have a choice of 7 different types of socks tags.

Each pair of socks is individually packaged into a transparent self seal bag. SO FREE SOCK TAG AND INDIVIDUAL TRANSPARENT BAG!

Can you supply simulations of how the sock will look like with our design?
Yes. We will be happy to supply you with some proposed layouts and email them to you for your approval.

If any modifications have to be made, we will be happy to make the changes.

Are your design services free?

What is your form of payment?
Swift payment by bank. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paypal.
Conditions of sale: 50% deposit on order confirmation and the remaining balance prior to shipment.

Do you supply the exact quantity ordered?

Yes.  We will always overproduce and so will supply the exact quantity ordered. Our Quality Control system is in place whereby some socks may not pass the QC control.


Is the price the same for 1 or 6 colour knitted socks?
Yes, the price is the same for a 1 or 6 colour sock design. However for complex all over knitted designs, the cost will be slightly higher.

Can I order different designs?
Yes. However, we will need to receive your request in writing indicating the quantity per design and sizes required. Then we will send you an offer.


How many sizes do you offer?
We offer all sizes. Bear in mind that the socks contain elastane which offers a lot of stretchability. For this reason, a couple of sizes can be covered, for example, 39 - 46. For the promotions market we suggest ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR MAN AND WOMAN.

Let us take another example of a customer who orders 500 pairs. You can split the sizes into two, one in woman’s sizes and the other men.


How do I send my logo?
Vector files, converted to curves. Other file types are .ai, .eps, .jpg, .pdf,


Can I choose the cuff height for my socks?
Yes, we can manipulate the height of the cuff as required.


What makes Kingly socks better than any other supplier?
We go above and beyond for our customers and this is clearly shown in our unbiased ratings. Currently we have a 5 star rating on Trust Pilot, 9.2/10  “Excellent”.

From the moment your order is placed, you are in safe hands. We will update you about the progress of your order. Service is of paramount importance to us. The quality of the materials we use are of a very high standard.
For example, we use superior combed cotton over the cheaper carded cotton yarns that many manufacturers use.

How durable are Kingly socks?
We produce the most durable socks.
We use sophisticated knitting machines to ensure maximum quality. 

Do you ship worldwide?


How do I place my order?
To place an order, contact us directly by sending us an email to or calling us directly on 00 44 7505906174.


Can you tell us about the ordering and production process?
You submit Your Artwork/Specs/Quantities.

We review your designs, produce mocks ups or physical sample and send back to you for approval.
You then approve the design we sent you or ask us to make modifications.

We send you the Proforma for the 50% deposit payment.
We then put your order into motion, updating you every step of the way.
Upon completion of the order, we will contact you whereby the balance payment is made and then we ship the goods. We will send you the tracking details for your shipment.






Personalized knitted socks
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