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Winter jackets by Kingly which represent amazing quality and value for money.


Bespoke Winter Jackets




Kingly supply an awesome range of bespoke winter jackets for the European and international markets.

We have you covered with the widest range of designs, patterns and materials.

We use the latest high quality fabrics which are long lasting, breathable, functional and comfortable.
Jackets can be decorated in many ways, from sublimation, heat transfer and embroidery through to a number of different screen print and applique methods.


The finishing options are extensive and include contrast hoods, deep hoods, panels, contrast cuffs, contrast hems, full or ¼ zippers, contrast cords, chunky cords, printed cords, ribbed cuffs, kangaroo pockets, smartphone pockets and Thumb Holes.

The minimum quantity for bespoke winter jackets is 50 units.
The production lead times vary from 4-6 weeks, depending on the style and requested quantities.

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality jackets at reasonable prices.


Bonding 100% Polyester Lamination, 180-200 grams/sgm

Taffeta 100% Polyester 70 grams/sgm and Acrylic coating

Sotina 100% Polyester and Acrylic Coating, Water Resistant Finishing

Sorento 50% Polyester 50% Nylon, 140 grams/sgm, Water Resistant Finishing

Royal 100% Nylon, 60 grams/sgm, Acrylic Coating, Water Resistant Finishing

Sofkana 100% Polyester, 125 grams/sgm

Oxford 100%  Nylon, 100 grams/sgm, Acrylic Coating Water Resistant Finishing

Formula 100% Polyester, 60 grams/sgm, Acrylic Coating, Water Resistant Finishing

Taffeta 100% Nylon, 70 grams/sgm, Acrylic Coating, Water Resistant Finishing


Types of fabric available for Winter Jackets